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Черновой перевод раздела Libraries сайта ruby-lang.org

С недавних пор я вхожу в команду по переводу официального сайта Ruby на русский язык и мне был поручен перевод раздела Libraries. Перевод закончен и доступен черновой вариант. Сейчас я хотел бы попросить помощи сообщества откорректировать черновик и сделать статью максимально полезной для тех кто только начнет погружение в мир Ruby, посетив официальную страничку Ruby на русском языке. Оставляйте исправления в виде комментариев на странице перевода.

JetBrains RubyMine

RubyMine - это новая среда разработки на языке программирования Ruby и Ruby On Rails. RubyMine официально еще не вы выпущен, но уже сейчас доступен для скачивания и каждый желающий может ознакомится с продуктом. Набор основных фич:

Supported Languages

  1. Ruby, RHTML
  3. JavaScript
  4. XML

Technologies & Frameworks

  1. Rails
  2. RSpec
  3. Test::Unit

Advanced Code Editing

  1. Code Completion
  2. Intelligent Coding Assistance
  3. Refactoring
  4. On-the-fly Code Analysis
  5. Navigation & Search
  6. Code Documentation
  7. Code Generation
  8. Code Style

Integrated Environment

  1. Version Control Integrations
  2. Local History & Diff Tool
  3. Running/ Debugging
  4. Rake Support

Customization & Extensibility

  1. Project Configuration
  2. IDE Customization

Официальный выход намечен на начало 2009 года, так что ждать осталось не долго.

Rails Rumble 2008 - Имена победителей

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the winners of the 2008 Rails Rumble competition!

Overall Winners:

1) Great Lakes Geeks for Meet In Between
- http://meetinbetween.us

2) Scatapult for Qflip
- http://qflip.r08.railsrumble.com

3) New Media Logic for Riverdex
- http://riverdex.r08.railsrumble.com

Category Winners:

For Appearance: Team Handcrafted for Jot.ly
- http://jot.ly

For Completeness: The Loose Knuckles for TrackClass
- http://app.r08.railsrumble.com

For Innovation: The Verbose for So2Speak
- http://so2speak.r08.railsrumble.com

For Usefulness: Team GiraffeSoft for What Does this Error Mean?
- http://whatdoesthiserrormean.r08.railsrumble.com

Solo Team Winner: Leaf on the Wind for Forever Home
- http://foreverhome.r08.railsrumble.com

Each of these web applications represent some incredible work and talent and we hope that the winning teams continue to improve on them.

We'd like to thank all the participants who labored over their entries throughout the duration of the contest. Whether they finished or not, and whether they ranked at the top of the leaderboard or not, everyone who participated did some fantastic work. Last year we selected a number of entries for honorable mentions. This year we're not doing that because there are simply too many to list. Totally serious.

Many thanks also to all the additional voters that joined us to help judge entries. We had a truly great turnout this year. And of course, we’d also like to shout out one final thanks to our sponsors, particularly our friends at Linode and GitHub, for making this all possible in the first place. Teams, you will receive more information about migrating your GitHub and/or Linode accounts shortly. If you are listed as a winner in this years' competition, you will also receive additional information about collecting prizes via email.

Thanks again for playing a part in this event, and stay tuned to the blog for more news, related happenings, and other upcoming contests. Congratulations everyone!


-- The Rails Rumble Organization Team

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