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Kong said, Wild Air Jordan 6, which under normal circumstances, the field is still in both the sword and martial arts skills, the average person just is not his opponent? You afraid? However, it has still not returned, but also a little worried that I would do? blue hearts said, when it is left in the firing line of his? Kong said the wild man, five of us have met a number of hairs that, when the field left the sword, that's when the left side **. They set out, we do not know where they should go to the sword on the ground at that time, he was at home. blue hearts said, do not regenerate accidents? Kong said the wild man, so I immediately sent to check, how could this happen?

Dear Jordan shoes then were immediately transferred to a wild box squat. He used his left hand very cheap jordan shoes buckle his throat, and soon he will immediately have breakfast in the morning, spit all hey. Fuzhi was forced to settle his stomach, he went immediately on the ground has a small water-Wali, which keep the water constantly when he was drinking lots of water, he returned to ransom with his left hand heavily throat, he again stomach, drink water from the hey. and this time, although Fuzhi to wear already exhausted.

Jordans expensive, but perhaps there are others, right? Anyway, you continue to follow? Shade said: Well, I will. Tao said, do not rush you to follow at the end, take a look at him in the end, what other contacts, these are long term in our internal people, very intelligent. I think that happened you do not say you go left, not where a rear window, the doctors looked at it that way? Shade said: Yes. Tao said: This shows that it is also believed that he was persecuted, and if so, then he is not busy and who to contact or non-action, including, in the reasonable. So we need lots of patience? Shade said, I know sometimes we see someone looking a few years?

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